Just a few weeks ago we were sure that we had work for our seamstresses in Tøyen for the rest of the year. But it's strange how much can happen in just a few weeks...

So we gave it some thought. Should we hide behind a bush and wait until the world gets back to it's normal self, or should we stand up and show the world that local production is important for a safe and sustainable future?

Of course we're doing something now! This new Tøyen neck was supposed to launch this fall, but with a crowdfunding campaign, we can get everything going now!

Local production

Tøyen neck crowdfunding




necks ordered

72% organic merino wool

28% silk

100% excess materials

Made in Tøyen, Oslo

Crowdfunding à la Northern Playground

  • We will start production when we sell 100 necks.
  • After reaching 100% we continue the production as long as we have fabrics.
  • Do you want your neck to be produced? Get one for yourself, and make sure everyone you know does the same.
  • We will deliver consecutively as soon as we start production.

Launched 08.04.2020
Ends 31.05.2020


The necks

45 EUR

45 EUR

45 EUR

Doesn't production in Oslo cost too much?

Well, it definitely costs more than in low-cost countries. We sell our products directly to you without intermediaries. This way, we and our seamstresses can keep enough money for things to go around. To make this possible, you have to pay a little more than you're probably used to, but we hope you see the value in our Made in Oslo initiatives. If we produced the same neck in the East, and in regular polyester it would cost about 0.4 EUR in production. See our calculation here:




Shipping & storage


Northern Playground

12.5 EUR*




13.5 EUR**

= 45 EUR

*Our seamstresses salary per neck

**Our share of the pie (13.5 EUR) goes to salaries, marketing, office space and product development.

Greetings from Tøyen!